Wooden sleepers


These are second-hand, reclaimed wooden railway sleepers, with new garden quality sleepers also available. These sleepers are made from hardwood. They are extremely strong and durable, quite heavy at about 70KG each. Reclaimed, with a few cracks, the better the grade or new sleepers, better the condition, but all suitable for general farm, landscape use etc.

These reclaimed wooden railway sleepers are a good quality and are available in different grades, new and used. These sleepers are used for retaining walls and clamps offering an alternative to concrete railway sleepers. Other popular uses for wooden sleepers are landscaping, gardening, general farm use. They can be used for bridges, raised beds or can be sold for use in RSJ’s for wall building.

Product Sizes, types  & prices

1) Oak Reclaimed Hardwood Sleepers
£18.00 including delivery
Volume: 510 sleepers to a load
Lead time: Next available load is Wednesday in the 3rd week of November + 3 days for transport

2) Reclaimed Softwood Sleepers
£16.00 including delivery.
Volume: 360 sleepers to a load.
Lead time: 2 weeks + 3-5 days for transport

3) Reclaimed  Treated Hardwood Sleepers
£11.00 including delivery
Volume: 700 sleepers to a load
Lead time: 3 weeks

(all prices are subject to vat)

These prices are based on collection from our depots. Materials are available ex stock and offered subject to remaining unsold.  Materials are offered at current price though prices are subject to change. Please check these are current rates

In a nutshell

  • Grade A and B Reclaimed
  • Heavy duty hardwood
  • Walling work
  • Fence post
  • 350 sleepers per load
  • 50 per pack


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