Serviceable Material (grade 2A or 2b, as specified)

Plain Hardwood Sleeper – 2A
Hardwood Sleeper base plated – 2A
Plain Softwood Sleeper – 2A
Softwood Sleeper base plated – 2A
Plain Hardwood Sleeper – 2B
Hardwood Sleeper base plated – 2B
Plain Softwood Sleeper – 2B
Softwood Sleeper base plated – 2B
Steel Sleepers
Crossing Timbers
Timber bearers

Non-serviceable Material (all Grade 4)
Plain Hardwood Sleeper
Hardwood Sleeper base plated
Plain Softwood Sleeper
Softwood Sleeper base plated
Hardwood timber
Timber bearers
Plain Concrete sleepers
Chaired Concrete sleepers

All subject to availability, price may vary depending on market fluctuation.

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